can you break a contract with a realtor

How to Tactfully Back Out of a Real Estate Deal.. It’s common for a real estate contract to guarantee the sale, contingent on the buyer’s ability to sell his or her current home.. If your agent meets that responsibility and you choose to break the deal, you could also find yourself.

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Can I break contract with my real estate agent? My husband and I have been house hunting this past month. We signed a contract with our agent to represent us for 3 months (which we recently discovered), when we made an offer for a house.

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Don’t want to buy the home after all? Wondering how you can get out of your real estate contract? It is possible, but terminating a Purchase & Sale Agreement (i.e. real estate contract) is different in each state and the rights of of the Seller versus Buyer may vary.

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Q: How do I fire my real estate agent? A: If you’ve made a mistake, the best thing to do is to correct it and move on. If you’ve hired the wrong real estate agent to represent you, fire him. Do it professionally and in writing. Although, your listing contract is usually for a period of three to six months, you are entitled to terminate at any time.

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You can generally cancel a listing agreement if your agent’s performance falls short of their contractual obligations, or in some cases, if you decide you don’t want to sell anymore. Breaking your listing contract may also leave you owing the firm a commission.

If you want out of a real estate contract and don’t have any contingencies available, you can breach the contract. However, once you do so, you are likely to lose your deposit along with the.

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